If you like more of a daring look in your swimwear, a thong may just be the thing for you. These sometimes shockingly small bikinis are definitely not for those bashful women out there. If you have an adventurous soul and want to show off that hard earned hot body, a thong bikini is a great way to do it. Although the term thong brings to mind a certain image in most people's minds, there are some newer styles out these days that offer a little more coverage without losing an ounce of its sexy appeal. These cheeky alternatives have a small amount of fabric across the top of your backside, still leaving most of your cheeks exposed. This is a great choice if you love the idea of a flirty look but don't want to bare it all. Of course, if revealing is what you want, the timeless t-back or g-string thongs are still just as popular as ever.

Different Sorts of Thong Swimwear

Thongs are primarily associated with bikinis, but they can also be found as one-piece and tankini styles. One-piece swimsuit thongs are actually becoming increasingly more popular, especially if the bathing suit has other strategic cut-outs to enhance the design and appearance. Thong bikinis are generally named the same way as the lingerie counterpart. We'll cover lingerie a little further down. For now, let's look at a few different types of thong bikinis. G-string * G-string and t-back thongs, (sometimes also labeled as micro thongs, teeny thongs or mini thongs) are the most revealing. These tiny swimsuits are not for the faint of heart. If you love to show it all off, this is definitely the way to go. As a word of advice, you will definitely want to get a bikini wax before hitting the beach in one of these telling bikinis. These thongs usually consist of a small front triangle and strings or thin bands around the sides and down the center of your backside. The small bottoms can be paired up with just about any style top, but be careful you don't end up looking too top heavy. It may be best to stick with a simple cut such as a triangle top, or a bandeau. These styles won't overwhelm the micro bottoms. V-string * V-string thongs (also known what whaletail thongs) are called this because the fabric in the back forms a V or a "whaletail" shape. These offer a little more coverage than the g-string if you're not too sure about baring it all. It is a fun, cheeky design that lets you get away with keeping some skin covered without losing any sex appeal. There are also times when a more revealing thong just won't work. In that case, a whaletail thong could offer just the look you need.

How much skin can you get away with showing?

Exposing yourself in this way is a tad bit risky, but the rewards can be big. No longer will you have to contend with pesky tan lines, and you will always be the center of attention. Thong bathing suits are very revealing and incredibly hot and sexy. As a unique alternative to a thong bikini, a one-piece version, in many cases, has cutouts in strategic places that might show portions of your back, tummy or sides. This can be a fun but semi-conservative way of showing just a little more skin without giving all your secrets away. If you've decided a thong is the right bikini for you, be sure to take into consideration which cuts will look best on your body type. Thongs can look awesome on many different shapes and sizes, so don't automatically rule it out if you're one of those on the fence. Go and try some on. You just might be surprised how good it looks and, even more, how comfortable it fits. Confidence, as with so many other times, plays a huge part in being able to wear thong bikinis. Since most are so incredibly revealing, it's important that you not just look good but feel good in your sexy thong. That's the biggest key when choosing which one to buy; which one makes you feel amazing? If none of them make you feel that way, keep shopping until you find one that does. It will go a long way to making you look even hotter when you venture out in it for the first time. If you are proud of your body, want to minimize tan lines as much as possible and want to attract the attention of the people around you, something minimal like this could definitly be the right choice for you.

Buying the right one

Before buying your first thong make sure you take the time to check out the latest style trends. Being the attention seeking, fashion statement garment that it is, the styles, colors and patterns change rapidly. If you choose one in a more neutral color, you can be sure it'll stay "in" for at least 2-3 seasons. However, if you want something more daring like a fun and flirty pattern, try buying a color that you can mix and match with solid pieces, too. That way you'll get more life out of the exotic designs. Perfect Match When selecting your thong bikini, make sure the color is right for you, depending on your skin tone, hair color, color of your eyes, possible accessories and so on. There are so many styles, designers, stores and patterns to choose from that you shouldn't have a problem finding one just right for you. Black is good for almost any skin type. If you have a warm complexion, stick with warmer tones, cool complexions to cooler tones. Keeping this simple rule in mind will mean you get the most from your thong bikini.

Thongs aren't just for bikinis

A thong is also the perfect style for lingerie. It's simple design gives it the advantage of being almost invisible under clothing; perfect for making sure you don't have panty lines, especially under light colored pant or skirts. If you wear it in a shade close to your own skin color, it'll give the illusion that you have on nothing at all. It's hard to get much sexier than that, right? It's also a great style to pair up with your favorite lingerie to complete a sexy and seductive look. With a teasing peek at your cheeks, you will become practically irresistible! Thong panties come in all different colors, fabrics and designs, so once you get a taste of these sexy style, you may not want to wear anything else. Luckily for you, there are so many options you can wear a completely different looking thong each day of the week. Finally buy into the rage and check out what it's all about. You likely won't be sorry that you did!